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jonny m
05-05-10, 01:36 PM
Big thumbs up for this guys - not sure who deserves the credit.

The forum is a great place for contacts, advice and discussion.

But sites like this are brill for wasting a lunch time on, as I stummbled upon it today

Keep it up - added to my favorites


05-05-10, 02:56 PM
great site.

I could be tempted to set one up here in the south, but it will have to wait till the
latest car is roadworthy.

05-05-10, 06:17 PM
Hi guys this is a little site, which was set up by "Simon R" he runs it as a parallel to here so that we have a site to attract new members to our meets.

Check out the Blog links also, you will see his GD along with my AK build