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27-05-10, 07:29 AM
Hi All

not that many of you sell your Cobras but i am selling mine, or trying to (it just doesnt get used enough)

anyway,, its in the classified area,

I get one or two emails and calls a month, but i would like to tell you about one in particular, (He's German i think,0049 number) I think he's a dealer of some description, anyway he rings sounds friendly arranges to come look, makes a ridulous low offer, (i'd get more weighing it in for the metal), and then rings back a few times until a verbal deal is struck on monies, arrangements are made, days off work are taken, and then he doesnt turn up and he dosent answer his phone,, (argh the wasted time and energy) you'd think i would of learnt from that but no,, he rings up 2 months later tries to pretend he a different guy (obviously doesnt understand that the number once saved will bring his name up on my mobile,, duh) and tries to do it all again,,, this time i let him do it on my terms etc,, and he still didnt turn up.. the reason for the rant was pointed out to me by the wife, yes he has come to my house,(so now he knows where i live) technically i dont know who he is, or where he is from, but he now knows i have a Cobra tucked away, how do i know he's not just casing homes to steal cars in a few months time and then trailer them away..

So i thought i'd just let you know be careful when/if selling your cars, as you are inviting strangers to your home,, and theres nothing as odd as other people..

27-05-10, 07:52 AM
I would contact the police and give them the phone No you have , see what they can do

27-05-10, 07:52 AM
and theres nothing as odd as other people..

Coming from you, that's an understatement! LOL

Good luck selling your car.

27-05-10, 10:58 AM
I am now living in Germany, have joined the German CRC and know a few people here including some in the trade. If I can help, send me his name and phone number (in a PM if you wish) and I'll make some enquiries to check him out.


27-05-10, 11:17 PM
Don't think plod will want to know unless a crime has taken place.
You could always tell him next time he calls that you will be away on holiday for a week, and sit at home with a cricket bat close by. :p

Good luck with the sale and the stalker.

28-05-10, 03:03 PM
mmmmmmmm.....I had an enquiry from Germany last year when I was thinking of selling but he met me at AK's place as I had suggested a soft top to him if he was planning on the drive home. All the way from Germany and he spent less than 10 mins looking at the car. Said the exhaust was too noisy and he would have to pay for a new one which took it beyond his budget.

Ken was there and was amazed the guy walked away at the price I was letting it go for.

I did get a couple of other enquiries but insisted on email with a scanned copy of a V5 or something to prove who they were. Seems reasonable if you are trying to selling 18-30Ks worth of car off your driveway..


28-05-10, 07:57 PM
I had this last year, when I was selling my friend's Ram. He made a low offer by e mail, I told him to get lost. He then increases it slightly, and gets told to get lost again.

A week goes by, and he asks for an appointment to view. My friend stays in all day, the guy doesn't show up. No phone call, text, e mail, nothing.

Two weeks later, he phones again, and doesn't even mention the missed appointment! He then tries to act as if he is a new buyer. This time I told him to get lost, but not in those words...