View Full Version : Nags Head Wednesday Meet

05-06-10, 12:26 PM
Hi all,
for anyone interested in another venue, that i`ve been to, its at the Nags Head, Millington, which is just past Altrincham, and not to far from Tatton Park.
Its been getting bigger over the years and everything and anything is invited, in summer they have it on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the months dropping down to 1st of the month out of summer.
I have a couple of mates that attend regularly, one has a American car, 68 Coogar, the other is rebuilding a 100e with Rover V8 in it.
I went on the Wednesday night just gone and there was over 100 cars in the pub car park including bikes too, ie Harleys, choppers, ect, Everthing is photographed and put on the organisers web site, american auto mags cruise (http://www.americanautomags.com/aam_cruise.htm),
I also met another member called MON, who had heard about the meet, he has a Viper, another Cobra tuned up later, so more would be wellcome,theres a bit of a bbq thats put on too, take a look at the link may see you there,