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11-07-10, 10:40 AM
Hi all,

Well I have done it, I picked up my Dax Cobra from Harlow on Wednesday :D and what a drive that was, in a lorry that was restricted to 55 mph. 12hr 45mins round trip with no stop overs:(. But what a great feeling to have the cob here at last.

Thanks to AndyI for his wheels and his advice and I am sure I will be calling on the latter over the coming months/years. Cheers mate. Let the fun begin.:D

Thanks Garry

11-07-10, 10:42 AM
Congratulations, the best money ever spent. I live 30 mins from Harlow and was in Truro last week, could of brought it over for you LOL

andy l
11-07-10, 11:06 AM
Hi Garry, best of luck with the build, some enjoy the build more than others, there will be days when things dont go right :(, but it is worth it in the end :D, Andy ;)

Dave Court
11-07-10, 11:38 AM
I want photo's

11-07-10, 05:49 PM
:) congratulations and enjoy it.

12-07-10, 08:30 AM
Great that there's another cobra build in the plymouth area, goog luck with the build.