View Full Version : France - Le Blat Deux 11th Sept

12-07-10, 01:22 PM
are any of you chaps interested in joining a few of us from SKCC ( southern kit cars ) for days tootling around Northern France? We did this as a Group Run back in April and a few of us had a lower key day out in June - both were terrific days. Details are in the Group section of the SKCC forum - www.southernkitcars.com/forum (http://www.southernkitcars.com/forum)
the general idea will be to use the Chunnel to get across to France for about 09.30 local time, mid morning coffee and then across to Le Touquet for a spot of lunch before heading Northwards to Calais.

As many of you will know there are some stunning ( empty ) roads and it's nice to get away from the usual stamping ground for a full day out. We've got about a dozen cars so far wanting to come along. The cost will be between 55-65 for the Chunnel ( depending on whether we have enough for a Group discount ).

The route will be available as .itn files for those with Tom Tom and we'll either split the entire group up or you'd be wleocme to make your own group up. It's just easier knowing that there's only 4-5 cars in each group to look after!

I don't get onto these boards that often so if you're interested in knowing more please take a look at the SKCC site where you'll also find a bit of a write up about the original Le Blat.

thx Mark G