View Full Version : Old fashioned tuner recommendation, please

20-07-10, 09:53 PM
I need to get my 1975 Pinzgauer tuned. It's got twin carbs* and is misfiring a bit at the moment. I've replaced the distributor cap and checked the gaps but it does need a good tune. Can someone in the SE recommend a good tuner, preferably in East Sussex?

* whatever they are

20-07-10, 10:01 PM
* whatever they are

Dual- Zenith 36mm NDIX

20-07-10, 11:18 PM
* whatever they are

Used by real men to get fuel into the engine... ;):grin:

21-07-10, 04:52 AM
Used by inefficient Neanderthals to get fuel into the engine... ;):grin:

Fixed it for you Pete............:cool:

21-07-10, 08:40 AM
Thanks for the useful comments, that's really helped me find someone who can balance and tune them... :o