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31-08-10, 10:06 AM
What rad do you have fitted? I may need to change mine, is an alloy one any good?
I have just run my Viper for 15 mins and the temp is up to 95, the top hose is hot, fans are on and the bottom hose is cold, and I mean cold to the touch on a metal hose. The heater is by-passed with the hose just coming back into the inlet manifold from the water pump. Ford 302 engine. I just cannot seem to make the beast run cooler. New alloy uprated water pump too.
Any ideas?

31-08-10, 01:27 PM
If your bottom hose is cold then you are not flowing correctly through the radiator.

Do you have a bleed from the bottom hose to your header tank? If not I suggest fitting one it helps to bleed the air from the system.

31-08-10, 02:30 PM
some dumb questions:

are you sure the stat has opened correctly?
is your water pump pumping?
if so, is it in the correct direction?
is your rad new or a donor? can water flow freely through it?
have you kinked a hose anywhere?
what efforts have you made to remove air from the system?

andy l
31-08-10, 02:46 PM
Murray, what do other vipers use rad wise, hoped we had it cured with the new hose/pipes, :mad: may need to disconnect heater pipes and blockoff and try it, think the rad laying all most flat does not help, Andy

31-08-10, 05:44 PM
I have replumbed the system after Andy came out to help me. We found the bottom hose collapsing and the header tank plumbed into one of the heater hoses. Now I have a hose from the bottom hose to the header tank now. I have just by passed the heater matrix and have one hose from the water pump to the inlet manifold, could this just be whizzing around there and not the rad? I am sure the thermostat opens, I did the lobster test and it worked fine. The water pump is an alloy, high efficiency one and it is pumping the right way. No hoses are kinked, they are all brand new silicone ones. I don't know what the rad is and as Andy said it doesn't help when moving as it is so laid back it's almost horizontal. ( a very cool rad!!). I have done the bleeding trick a number of times. Previously the rad was getting hot, after I fitted the new pump, now after a 10 min warm up, the temp guage showed 95 deg, the water in the header tank was cold, as was the bottom hose and rad. Should I blank off the fittings into the water pump and inlet manifold.??? I am worried about damaging the engine or at least blowing a head gasket or something.

31-08-10, 07:37 PM
Hi Murray
With the proviso that my car is not on the road...

I've a Rover 3.5l so not sure how it equates to the 302 but I had a Granada 2.9 diesel rad in
the car (leant back about 30 degrees) and it was fine until it got a hole somehow!?! ;-) (ice)

Came across an Alfa 3l rad and it goes in nicely and is almost vertical. This has the Alfa fan
and a nice metal cowling attached. It was working well in testing but only sitting in the
garage. Had to make new brackets though...

I've an in-line rad fan switch which is adjustable. I've set it to come on at 90 and then it cuts
out at about 70 and does this over about 10 min cycles. Again though, the neighbour's children
start to cough badly if I run it more than 30 mins at a time!!

I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

02-09-10, 07:50 PM
So I have found out from Bob that it's more than likely a modified Jag 12 cyl one. This evening I started her up again, bit of smoke and she is ticking over nicely. Got to 90 degrees on the guage and the thermostat opens, fans come on and just the top bit of the rad by the top hose is hot. Rev a few times and I get cold water pouring out of the header tank,temp goes down a bit to 80/85. Still got a cold bottom hose though, but she sit's about 80/90. Bloody confused still!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-09-10, 02:14 PM
Took her for a short run this morning and back through the town areas, not really long enough to see if anything has changed but it did not get too hot. Will take her out for a longer, harder run when I can, see what happens.