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18-09-10, 06:23 PM
In response to the call from Bloke to post something….

Thought I would jot down a few words of praise for the Southern Roadcraft SRV8.
I have owned a string of performance cars, Skyline, GT3, Evo6, Alpina B10, Maserati, TVR Tamora, Zcars Mini and currently my competition Westfield….. and the fantastic SRV8.

The SRV8 is bar far the most admired car I have owned. People want to take photos, listen to the sound, give you the thumbs up and actually talk to you, and that is something you don’t get in a Porsche. The only two other cars that come close are the TVR and the Zcars Mini.

Just having a car that looks good for me not enough the car needs to drive well and the SRV8 hits that spot every time. The chassis is good and stiff, which gives the car a solid and planted feel. At speed it is predictable and again planted. The driving position is good which is something I can’t say for some other Cobra replicas. The steering is also precise (OK it’s not a GT3) but you can feel what the car is doing and it responds quickly when needed. The TVR was jumpy in fast corners, which is something the SRV8 is not. My car is not on the best rubber and as a result it has bitten in the damp on a couple of occasions but I have never had a problem pulling it back. All in all a great little number.

I didn’t build the car but I would recommend the car design and engineering every time. It is the best car I have owned for a Sunday blast in the sun.

Well that is it and I know I am preaching to the converted but who cares.

The ranting of an enthusiast.

18-09-10, 07:26 PM
Thank's for your response JLF, most of us sign off with our real name, but it is optional.
Also remember this site is here to help with tec. advice if you ever need it, or indeed can give advice to other members who also drive the best Cobra Replicas.
Regards Frank Dowsett. BLOKE.

18-09-10, 08:23 PM
Hey no worries.
Car hasn’t missed a beat in all the time I have had it so tech stuff not so important to me. Other than improve it I don’t do much. Drive, put it in the garage, drive again, put some oil in and back in the garage, drive again, easy service, simple. Sorry can’t add much to the forum. The best road cars are engineered to work day after day and this does.

No tech questions so over and out.

Regards Optional.