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24-10-10, 05:38 PM
Well left at 7 30am this morning, I was 18 miles out. The heavens opened up, on went the wiper's ,after about four wipes they stopped vertical, Now i am annoyed. Flip it, no reaction from wiper switch, head back to Lands End, On route i can smell burning, flip me. rained all the way back ,could'nt see ten yards in front. When igot in to the garage the burning was strong smelling , disconected battery ,feeling around under the dash the wiper motor was very hot , So on went the coolers. Dropped the steering column took dash out, It all looked pretty normal. So i took the wiper motor out with spiral drive, when i tested it the "flipper" worked.
Put it back in, not easy with screen in and loads of wiring in the way. Tested it ,the flipper jammed vertical. Flip me. Now im flipped off. Stood there like a dip stick thinking what the flip is this all about. And then i see it, the central wiper jammed on the hood, Don't ask why i have no idea, Just can't see it extending itself . Anyway adjusted it, and got out of the garage 6 pm. I missed seeing you lot,and to make things worse i loaded up with ground coffee and a large tin of chocolate biscuits. So see you lot on one sunday. I am now pretty good at putting wiper systems in . DON'T ASK. :(

24-10-10, 06:48 PM
Flippin' Flip Flip! ;)

24-10-10, 07:03 PM
[QUOTE=Clive;376870]Flippin' Flip Flip! ;)[/QUOTE
I should have played golf, but maybe not, it rained till 1 pm.:(

andy l
24-10-10, 08:13 PM
Hi Ray
sorry you missed the show,glad you sorted the car weather up this end was good all day, cold but had a good run back home, hope to see you soon, all the best Andy

25-10-10, 07:07 PM
Yeh just unfortunate, never go out in the rain, at least the wiper motor stood up to it. But the burning smell was strong. tested it again to day and all is fine. Be good to see you , ill check the sunday meets and see what i can do. Regards ray.