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22-04-01, 10:27 AM
Any sugestions on how to mount the stainless steel mesh for the air scoop without making it look messy?


22-04-01, 10:46 AM
Hi. I bolted my mesh so it could be taken out for painting.I modified the air scoop to give a more rounded edge and flared out the sides so all the bolt (6BA) heads are hidden. the next job will be to make a stainless plate to run round the inside to hide the raw edges.The alternative was to stick it in (mesh) with worth adhesive (probably the solution for you if you have just had it painted)
ps might see you at the Nags head cobra meet 12nooon today (22nd)

22-04-01, 08:53 PM
The hood/Bonnet on mine is double skinned. If this is the case with the dax then when the hole is cut the mesh can be put in from the inside so that the inner skin supports it from behind with the outer skin supporting from the front. It is then a case of filling the gap from inside ensuring the mesh is hard against the front edge. Not sure if this works for you having just painted it.


22-04-01, 09:36 PM
I found that once I had formed the mesh to the correct shape it was easily held in place with a dab of clear silicone sealer on the corners on the inside and which is hidden inside the recess when viewed from from the outside.


Nigel B

22-04-01, 09:43 PM
Just a thought, some original racers had the mesh held in by springs mounted in the double skinned part of the cone in order to both stop stones and also rattle the trapped ones loose, also has the advantage of being quite easy to design a removable mesh for painting etc.