View Full Version : Spax dampers

25-04-01, 10:47 AM
The spax dampers I have for my Ram chassis have slight rusting on the chrome "pistons" in the centre (see previous posts) I am going to rub the pistons down with VERY fine wet and dry to remove the rust but it seems to me that this will score the chrome and make them rust easier. I am thinking about rubbing them down and spraying a VERY THIN coat of paint on (smoothrite or similar) does anyone for see any problems?
The units are un-rebuildable so I have nothing to loose, if the seals leak I'll have to replace them anyway!

25-04-01, 06:25 PM
Sorry to say but it sounds like the units are scrap ,if a light cleaning with scotchbrite or something simular (green pan scrubber) removes the rust then possibly they are ok .Under no circumstances paint the stancions and if they are pitted throw them away.It is not worth risking your car over a set of shocks