View Full Version : Underslung exhaust ground clearance

22-11-10, 12:29 PM
Hi Crednonites !

I'm just curious as to how much exhaust to ground clearance that a Crendon fitted with a 351W would normall have? Where would the lowest point in the system be & where do the collectors end up (ie. are they tucked in close to the block etc.) Any pics would be great.

22-11-10, 01:30 PM
At no point in the whole exhaust run is the exhaust the lowest point of the car, so this is 100% a non-issue on a Crendon.

The only time I have ever grounded the car out was when I hit a vicious road depression at, um, "interesting" speeds, and then the fuel tank straps grounded. The suspension was bottomed out and then some.

22-11-10, 10:28 PM
Thanks Wilf - that's good to know.

(don't quite know what was up with my spelling earlier today!)

Neil O
23-11-10, 10:00 AM
I know it isn't your original question but another plus is the height of the oil cooler scoop from the road. It will miss speed bumps easily.

Also, if you have a small block motor the sump is tucked nicely up between the chassis rails so out of harm's way.

Wilf can confirm, but I guess the bottom edge of the gearbox bellhousing is the lowest point?

23-11-10, 10:41 AM
Nope - it all tucks up neatly between the chassis rails.