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07-05-01, 09:41 PM
Help. I am at a loss, or being really stupid. I am rebuilding my Cob having finally picked it up from England (sat still for four years). The clutch was seized and I have freed it as recommended elsewhere on this site. However it is 'dragging'. The engine will happily run in first with the clutch in and brakes on but release the brakes and she creeps forward. Engine is Chevy 350, hydraulic clutch and T5 gearbox. System appears fully bled, clutch actuating arm moves 23-24 mm and the clutch pedal is adjusted to give full movement to the master cylinder. There is no inspection plate, so I can't just take a good gander.
Is this a case of the clutch freeing up with work? eg, Have I fully freed it? I always thought a clutch was stuck or free.
How do I tell if I am achieving enough movement on arm?
Am I missing something. :'(

08-05-01, 06:37 AM
Do you have a hydraulic throw out bearing or just the regular pivot arm?

If you have a hydraulic throw out bearing then the piston assembly that locates around the input shaft may be spaced out incorrectly. If it is permenantly partially engaged it will require adjusting so that you have about 0.1" clearance between the pressure plate "fingers" and the thrust surface. (gearbox out operation).

If you have a pivot arm assembly with slave cylinder, then it may be that the arm is not located properly. The arm should engage the clutch plate when it is perpendicular to the drive train (90 degrees). If yours is angled forwards towards the front of the car and it is dragging, then you need to adjust the pivot ball rearwards. If everything is OK, it could be just build up on the flywheel surface, but it should clear up quite soon. If not, get it seen to!

Best of luck


08-05-01, 10:50 AM
Thanks for that. Its a regular arm. I will check that it is perpendicular this evening. If all that is OK I presume from what you say that build up on the fly wheel will cause the clutch to drag until cleared. The surface was skimmed just before being stored and therfore it seems probable to me that it is going to take a while for it to clear?