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14-05-01, 12:44 AM
I've been converted.
As my build is subject to domestic review.. :-) I decided to fit inertia belts as if would be much easier for wifey to get in/out. Plus I'd heard of more SVA grief with a harness.
I had a quick spin in a Cobra today and did a swift 180.
My thinking not the car!
Ok so now I need to decide which harness, Std, Caterham, Westfield???
I like Willans & the 3" felt great

It looks like Std, Club buckle with a raised eye bolt for SVA.

Can anyone offer me some help in this dept


14-05-01, 02:29 AM
have a look at www.safetydevices.co.uk they have a 4 point inertia harness

don't know if its SVA friendly, but worth a look


14-05-01, 08:01 AM
In the context of domestic review, I'm constantly thinking of ways to keep the wife out of the car. Tips so far are:

1. Really stiff clutch.
2. Seat doesn't quite travel far enough forward.
3. Put big wheels on the car, steering becomes too heavy.
4. Don't place guards on the side pipes, once burnt, twice shy.
5. Fill the boot with Nitrous equipment etc, then there is no room for shopping!

Just remember, Cobras are a man thing!


14-05-01, 12:23 PM

You could also try

installing a large lock on the garage door

Suggest that she is not capable of driving anything above 1.0ltr

Also suggest that she would be better off staying at home cooking, cleaning, giving birth etc.

Worked for me, mind you I've not seen her since she took her suitcases to be cleaned.


PS Any one know how to remove an ignition key from the back of my head.

16-05-01, 08:50 AM
Hi Martin

I am looking for Harness`s also
Check out this Willand site