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12-05-01, 09:55 AM
My speedo cable traveling from the clock to the Tremec box has a small metal 'tang' attached. This assembly was supplied by DAX. Presumably, it is intended to hold one of the ends of the cable to either the clock or the gear box. Anybody know how which and where?


27-05-01, 12:25 PM
Hi there
My cable from Dax (SW gauges)didn't have any extra bits on it but then I'm using a T5 (GM)box the thing I did fit was a right angle drive (Speedy cables approx 40) from the gear box because the bend in the cable looked a bit tight
you could try talking to Gary at Dax and see what he has to say about it

John Tisbury
27-05-01, 08:47 PM
Hi Rigman

I've got a Tremec on my Cobra. The end with the metal tag goes into the gearbox and is held in with a small bolt.