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17-05-01, 07:59 AM
At the present time my son-inlaw and myself are installing a new cam . timing chain, cogs and lifters, and heads, on a Rover 3.5 the heads have been skimmd, i keep coming across information on setting lifter pre-load, iv'e spoken to engine builders ,some have never even heard of this, others say forget it just drop the lifters in after filling with oil and put it all toghter, now my question?
have any of you guys set your Pre-load and whats the easy way, and if you guys have put lifters in without pre-load being set have you had any problems. o yes i'm also using composite head gaskets.


17-05-01, 09:21 AM
One dont put new lifters on different heads with different pushrods as I know you have without setting preloads you are aking for trouble. Make tool from apiece of coat hanger wire bend one end at 90 degrees for about 12mm and the other end the opposite way. File one end until it measure 60 thou the other to 20 thou. . With the rockers and push rods installed Valley out set each pot to tdc at firing stroke. With the too try each end into the gap between the circlip and the follower. If the twenty doesnot fit the gaps to small if the 60 fits its to big the 60 should fit but be very tight.If they dont fit you have to find out the largest and smallest and select shims to go under the rocker posts. The whole thing is not exact and involves quite alot og compromise. RPI have a page on their web site that explains it. Good luck. Otherwise ring RPI and ask for Holly he will talk you through it.

17-05-01, 01:09 PM
Thanx for the info . i,m off to get the wifes cloths out
and pinch one of her hangers.

17-05-01, 05:13 PM
Ring me at home Friday after 8 pm or Saturday I need to check the clearance in my manual I did it from memory or you could look it up on the RPI web site. I would offer to come and do it for you one night next week but I just found out I have to work in Germany all next week.

27-05-01, 11:02 PM
Hi Guys

Thaanx for the info all went well, by the way lifters must be dry
when setting pre-load, with new cam and timing chain and cogs,
she's back on the road and so smooth, sounds great too, o yes the
heads were skimmed,