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03-06-01, 11:57 AM
In my Sumo the oil filter is close to the chassis rail 8 mm at the closest. I am using a Ford oil filter that is smaller than the standard SD1 filter; but the same size as an MGB V8 filter.RPI say that if a standard filter is not used there is a risk of an insufficient volume of oil being supplied. As the Rover relies on volume rather than pressure this could cause problems.I guesse that they will come out on the side of safety to protect themselves. If I use a standard SD1 filter then the clearance reduces to 5 mm.Should I lash out and by a remote filter and then also go to an oil cooler. 300 quid is a lot of money,money I could put towards weather gear. Anyone out ther got the answers or had a similar problem. Also what is the best oil grade and make for a Rover V8.

03-06-01, 07:17 PM
I'm not sure if an oil cooler is needed, I suspect that most times the problem will be getting the oil up to temp, or do you intend to race ? If you do fit an oil cooler get a thermostat.

Do you need more than 5mm clearance for the oil filter, it's on the same sort of plane as the engine mounts so engine rock should not cause it to foul, or am I wrong? ( won't be the first time ;-) )

I'm using 15/40 Morris' oil in my 100k mile engine, oil pressure is OK.

If you decide to go down the route of an oil cooler contact me as I have the take off adaptor for the cooler, it fits between the oil filter and the pump, so all you will need is the cooler itself and the pipes. If you want it it's v. cheap


03-06-01, 11:51 PM
No|I do not intend to race, I have spent over 2k on my engine and just dont want to wreck it and am looking fot thr best advice I can find, yours sounds good. As far as I can see the filter does not touch but then I have not reved the engine to hard it being just rebuilt. I dont want to spend money where I don't need to but will if required. I have just bought an oil temperature gauge from ETB and a switch to shut off my fuel pump if the oil pressure drops to low, so perhaps this will allay my fears.
Thanks for the reply.

04-06-01, 10:57 AM
I'm running the standard filter, and I think its OK. I changed the oil filter prior to intial start up and it was a tight fit, but OK.

Re; remote oil filter - my engine was previously in a GD, running a remote filter. The oil pressure was rather lower in that set up compared to now. And also, it'll be quite a bit of hassle I think putting in a remote, because there is so little space in the Sumo up front, compared to other cobs. I reckon if i was to change anything, I'd file away a few mm on the rear edge sticking out of the chassis cross memmber to give a little more clearance.