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12-06-01, 07:18 PM

I've decided on a Rover V8(trying to keep costs down) for my Cobra build however I'm unsure about a few things:

Where is the best place to get an engine?
I assume most people either buy a reconditioned engine directly off someone like RPI(who are only 5 miles from me) or dig one out from a breakers yard and have it reconditioned. It this right?

I spoke to a few people who said fitting a FI V8 into a kit-car is quite complicated and isn't worth doing, has anyone out there got a fuel-injected V8? What sort of performance increase can you expect? Is it worth it?



12-06-01, 08:11 PM
Hi well i had a 3.9 with inj then i fitted a new weber from rpi cant say i noticed any difference .Then i went for a 4.6 by John eales and he advised me to put the injection back on although i had the ecu chipped it goes very well and 18 mpg . As for for fitting it there was no problem at all very straight forward everything plugs in and just connect the live from the ignition .As for where to get one look in the LOOT paper for an SD1 and expect to pay around 200-400 for an injection but most are auto's .

Regards Steve

Steve Senior
13-06-01, 09:23 AM
I have just installed a fuel injected Rover in by GD build. The unit had been sat in a box for over a year but was very easy to put together. It all worked first time as well which was a bit of a surprise as I had loads of problems with the ignition system.

One thing to watch out for, there are two types of EFi, flapper type used in the late 80's and hot wire system used in the 90's. My system is the flapper valve type which I have since found cannot be chipped and is said to be less reliable.

Also I purchased my engine from someone upgrading to a bigger engine. As a result I ended up with a very long and expensive list including g/box, clutch, starter, alternator, radiator, water hoses etc etc etc.

I would therefore recommend going down the SD1 route as Steve suggests


14-06-01, 03:19 PM
I did go to buy a rang rover 4.6 from equinox in wolverhamton it was brand new complete with everything for 2.500 was just getting my cheque book out when i noticed there was no dizzy as they have 8 coils at the rear of the engine so unless u can sort it out with the ecu beware they also had a few 3.9 engines but if they come out of a range rover u have to change the cams and chip the ecu a 3.9 goes for about 500


14-06-01, 03:27 PM
I got my rover from a GD owner upgrading to Chevy power.
It was a good buy, with manual box, braided pipes, and all ancillaries, so would rrecomend that route.

But beware buying brand new because of new SVA emssions reg.s on new engines.


14-06-01, 07:03 PM
Fuel injected Rovers from the SD1/VdP, produce about 30bhp more than carburetted engines. I bought a complete car so I could hear the engine running and so that I had a ready supply of odds and sods. If you buy just an engine and 'box beware that you don't miss anything as it may cost you dear.

My car was a Vitesse with the flapper injection. I needed to sort the fueling after I dumped the air filter gubbins and replaced with a K&N, but now it runs well even with 100k miles on the bores. If you can build a kitcar then you will have no problem fitting the fuel injection engine.

The later fuel injection engines used a hotwire system with a 3.9 engine from the landrover etc., which produced no more power than the Vitesse engine due to lower state of tune. Although this systems ECU can be rechipped I suspect you won't like the price. I've just ordered an Emerald M3d engine management system to replace the fueling ECU and the ignition advance controls, for not much more than the cost of rechipping the hotwire system. I'll do a post when I've got it sorted after my hols.

I think I chose the best route in going for a compete Vitesse even though this was a bit more expensive initially, but go with whatever suits you.

Where are you?

Kevin Tams

14-06-01, 09:40 PM
Thanks for all the input, Kevin - I am just outside Norwich, Norfolk. I've seen quite a few SD1's for sale with as little as 60k on the clock upto 110k with price tags from 250 to 500. At that sort of price picking the whole car up seems like a good idea since I've been quoted 200 - 300 from the breakers yards in the area for a full engine with non-guaranteed milage.

Still reviewing my options.