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14-06-01, 03:30 PM
I am putting my Ram suspension onto the chassis and would like to try and setup the camber, caster and toe in of the suspension units. I called Dax to see if they would set my car up, as it has the same jaguar underpinnings as theirs, but they would not help.
Does anyone have any suggestions about setting it up myself, I know where all the shims go, but dont know how to measure the camber and caster?


14-06-01, 04:06 PM
miserable buggers at dax then, try gd they sem to be very helpful in fact i will be selling my dax as i am buying a gd because they are so helpful .


14-06-01, 04:47 PM

As you were prepared to go to DAX I assume your in the south.

Try Thunder Road Cars In Waltham Abbey. Cheng did my car and made a great job.

Phone Number is 02085024090.He has a road RAM and also races one.Say who recommended him I might get a discount next time

Regards Steve G.

16-06-01, 07:12 PM
Iam currently building a Jag based Dax and Ive set up my suspension, its not easy without the correct settings so if you want I could send you a copy of their info on the setup of the shims and the settings for the rear toe. philip@pringwood.freeserve.co.uk