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05-06-01, 07:25 PM
I tried to fit my anti roll bar and found that the bolt holes in the mounting points on the chassis did not line up with the 'U' section bush bracket or the backing plate. The pitch on the bolt holes is too much. Am I doing something obviously wrong? Has anyone else come accross this problem and what did you do about it? My chassis is a late 1999 (post SVA requirements) one.
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05-06-01, 09:24 PM
The anti roll bar mounts should only fit one way so I doubt you are doing something wrong. They are handed (although interchangeable by spinning round 180 deg) so once you offer them up with the anti roll bar in place there should be no mistake.

I've just fitted Supaflex bushes to my Dax with no problem so I think a call to DJs would be recommended.

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13-06-01, 10:18 PM
I had a real nightmare fitting these damn things to my Dax. When I rang them they suggested fitting them on after the engine was in, the body was on and the thing was sitting on wheels. It was still difficult, but I fitted the U bolts first then attached the ends onto the eyes. The eyes were loosened off firstly so they could be pushed towards the bar. I got it on in the end, but it wasnt easy.

18-06-01, 10:20 PM
I phoned Dax about this one and the answer came back as "Elongate the holes!"
Not exactly what I expected but damned if I am going to take the chassis back for them to fix!
Not too happy.

18-06-01, 11:39 PM
I had a similar reply when my headers where touching the inner wings
"hit it down with a hammer" I was told and i'd had the engine bay lined with aluminium does'ent look very pretty now , then the diff was makeing a terrible row so i took it back , Brian the foreman said it was normal until they took it off and all the ball bearings where loose in the diff , they did rebuild it it took them 3 days and i had to stay in B&B but its ok now .