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andy l
31-12-10, 05:29 PM
Hope you all had a great xmas, will be to pissed later so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY HAVE A GOOD ONE Andy ;)

31-12-10, 06:01 PM
yep seconded by me,
have a great 2011 folks , but more importantly have a HEALTHY one :cool:

Cheers John

31-12-10, 06:45 PM
happy new year to all.:):):)

31-12-10, 07:44 PM
Thanks Andy et al. Have a happy and safe new year.
Does anyone per chance know if the SW crew are meeting on sunday.
Regards. Jerry.

31-12-10, 10:10 PM
Thanks, Andy, all the best to you for 2011.
A very happy, healthy new year to everyone.

Jerry, Meeting on the 9th at the Ley Arms, Kenn. Hopefully see you there.

01-01-11, 10:38 AM

01-01-11, 01:18 PM
I've often been asked, "What do you old folks do now that you're retired? Well, I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering background, one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, Scotch and margaritas into urine.

Life's good, live it.]

I like your citation!!!

01-01-11, 02:37 PM
lucky you, I've been ill with flu and now I have a sodding chest infection, so much for starting the build of my Sumo over the xmas break

Happy new year to all anyway

01-01-11, 05:06 PM
That was an early good wishes!
Does that make it 'premature congratulation' !!

02-01-11, 01:00 PM
Cheers Andy,

Thanks for your help last year and may it long continue!!:-D

Are you going to the next meet (on the 9th)?

May I take this opportunity to wish you and everyone a very prosperous, healthy and a happy new year.

Thanks Garry and Di