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20-06-01, 10:24 AM
I am curious which tranny you guys are using with which engine-setup.
Where did you get the tranny from and how much was it ?

any comments are appreciated

thanks Joker

20-06-01, 09:04 PM
I have a Toyota Supra 5 speed coupled to a stock 350 Chevy with a Dellow conversion kit fitted to my Dax, it's been running for the last 12 years with no problems (so far)!

The biggest headache was sorting out the clutch hydraulics, this finished up with a Rover SD1 slave cylinder coupled to a 7/8" master cylinder.

The Supra box came from Doncaster Motor Spares and was off a new 3.0i that only had 1500 miles on the clock when somebody totalled it!

I paid 300 notes for the box plus another 300 for the conversion kit including clutch, but that was back in the summer of '89...

I believe the Dellow conversion kit is now available from Classic Conversions - http://www.classicconversions.co.uk along with several other options.

Hope this helps,


20-06-01, 09:13 PM
I used Borg Warner T5 (world class)from GM Camaro, then a corvette bellhousing, and standard clutch mechanism again with SD1 slave cylinder on home made bracket.Total cost £650. I would recommend a lateish box with improved shifter. Box is rated at around 310-330 lb/ft static torque.

Going further a Tremec is even stronger and I am sure more expensive (new-2nd hand is rare) I am sure another member will be able to comment.

Some guys also use a Getrag from BMW?


21-06-01, 07:55 AM
thanks for your comments !
I am currently using a Borg-Warner T5 with a modified 350 Chevy-engine.
The reason for my post was exactly what Graham already mentioned. I am at the dead end of what the B-W box can handle and so I started investigating on other boxes.
Here is what I have found out so far:
The strongest boxes available are Toploader, Tremec 3550, Tremec TKO or Richmond. Al of them are bulletproof and can handle up to 600 lb/ft. Unfortunatly it“s nearly impossible to get them over here and even buying them in the U.S. means loads of shipping-costs, ending up with $2000,- (and more !).

Question to those of you using the Getrag. How did you end up adapting this box to a Chevy engine ? Where did you get the adapter plate from and which clutch setup are you using ?
Does anybody know the torque-ratings ?

thanks Joker

21-06-01, 02:59 PM
I'm running a Tremec 3550 on my 351W. Trans runs very strong and has a nice overdrive gear. At 60+ MPH I'm only runing about 2000rpm. Nice and smooth and still very strong in 5th.


21-06-01, 06:03 PM
Joker - Tremec TKO behind my Ford 315w stroker. Bullet proof trans, short throw shifter comes as standard on tko version. Mucho Dinero tho'


21-06-01, 06:36 PM
Same as Wilf, but behind a supercharged 350 chevy, don't know how much as I was too scared to look....


The Whistler!

21-06-01, 07:00 PM
BW T5 (GM) on the back of a fairly stock 350 (360ftlbs torque @3000 rpm)
been running now for 5000 miles (some heavy including a track day) it has a very high fith o.63 which gives 1800 revs @ 80 mph nice on motorways for good mpg cost £970 new in 97 plus steel bellhousing and Mcleod cluch release(all from Real Steel)

21-06-01, 10:48 PM
I will be fitting a BMW Getrag to my Dax, coupling it up to Chevy 350. I dont know yet what sort of power I am going to achieve, but it should be well over 300bhp, (realistically). I dont know what sort of torque figures this box can handle, which is from a BMW 735, but I can find out as my brother works for Scotthall BMW in Chandlers Ford. Paul Hinkley of P&D sportscars will be sorting out my adaptor plate and hydraulic system for around the 300 quid mark. I have to supply a GM bell housing. The master cylinder will be 3/4" bore with the slave being a 7/8" bore, giving me a not so heavy clutch pedal.
P&D sportscars advertize in ST and also, I believe, in Kitcar magazine. Failing that, talk to Ken Freeman at AK.
Hope this helps.

22-06-01, 07:53 AM
David, that sounds interesting. Pls. let me know as far as you have some torque-figures of the Getrag box. It shouldn“t be too hard to find one over here in Germany and if the figures are right, I seriously think about going the same way. Keep me posted with the progress of your build.

thanks Joker

23-06-01, 10:33 AM
I'm running a Tremec 3550 mated up to a 350 Chevy. Expect to pay 1200 pounds for the box itself, then you have to buy and dial in the bellhousing, clutch assembly (McLeod, seperately zero ballanced) and adapter plate. I'm also using an hydraulic throw out bearing which is great on a DAX where space is a problem. Bad news if it fails though! There will be no change out of 2K, but Real Steel might do you a deal for the whole lot! The 3550 is good for about 420 ft/lbs, the TKO a bit more. However, getting that sort of torque down without spinning wheels/clutch on a light car will be astonishing!


23-06-01, 10:42 AM
See Web page www.jimswarrauto.com theres 3 different tremec g/boxes

regards steve

23-06-01, 02:01 PM

I opted for a Muncie 4 speed, I found one on the Custom Car ads page for £300.00 with shifter, bellhousing and driveshaft. I took it to a guy near Chester who specialises in Manual Yank gearboxes, Jag and yank diffs. Stripdown revealed it needed a 4th gear, I got a Full refurb kit (layshaft, seals, synchro rings etc) for $155 and 4th gear for $80 from the US. It cost me £100 for the labour.

It is now in my Cobra mated to a 383 Small block Chevy putting out over 400 HP.

One downside to the older American gearboxes, the external shifter is quite far back and on the passenger side of the gearbox.


23-06-01, 03:14 PM
I got my Tremec from Jim and he also did some work on my pinion housing. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable and answers the phone all the time. Always available for tech questions.

>See Web page www.jimswarrauto.com theres 3 different tremec g/boxes
>regards steve


23-06-01, 08:42 PM

My cob will have a ford 351W producing about 350bhp mated to a 5 speed Getrag box from an XJ40 recomended by my Kits maufacurer and cost me £200.