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05-06-01, 10:57 AM
I am building a GD Jag chevy plus 5 speeds, I would like to use the T5 from a donor car. My question is wich cars use a T5 suitable to be used with the chevy engine.

How about, Sierra Consworth, Nissan 300 ZF twin Turbo, any other?

Have any of you experience with this gearboxes?

Thank you.

Granada, Spain.
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05-06-01, 05:58 PM
Goog grief......Jesus drives a Cobra......

05-06-01, 06:06 PM
Hi Jesus from Spain,

Hope I can help.

If you are after a used BWT5, yes it is found in a great many cars inc Cosworth. My particular box is out of a Camaro 1989, as that one is classed as a World class box, ie bigger later V8's better, stronger boxes (also better shifter on later) . Ford cosworth (23 spline!) does use WC gearset but casing and input shaft will not mate directly with Chevy unless someone else has managed to adapt. Have a look at www.gearzone.net They know just about everything including a serial no. chart to identify the ones to walk away from. I am just bolting mine straight on to my 350 sbc and I will see how it goes and let you know.
remember that the power limit that GM say on there strongest boxes is around 310 lbs/ft torque so if you have more than this you could wear things out premeturely. tremec is belived to be stronger and newer (and more expensive).
See what other comments people put on this thread then you can decide.
I can also help with bellhousing info if needed because I had I nightmare finding the the right one due to lack of knowledge.


26-06-01, 11:15 AM
Thank you Graham for your answer,

I would like to hear about other people that get their gearboxes from donor cars, I think that there must be more option than the Camaro/Firebird after 88, previous ones were not World Class, Mustang after 86, and the Sierra Consworth.

About the Sierra Consworth some people said that this box is not strong enough but other people said that due the small weigh of the car the torque problems are not very severe, and that work fine. Any experiences?

Any experiences on T5 or other options?

I hear that some Chevy truks after 91 use too the T5 WC, I hear too about the Nissan 300 ZF twin turbo that have a strong torque and high power, but I do not know about the compatibility.

I would like to know about the good sourcess for belhouse (SB chevy plus T5).

Any of you have use in a GD a Getrag?

I am waiting your answwer and help.

Thank you.


Granada, Spain.

26-06-01, 12:27 PM
Hi Jesus,

If you are using Chevy, then best to stick with GM T5 there will be little inerface problems.
The bellhousing you need is from a Corvette it mounts the T5 in the upright position unlike Camaro (slanted) There are probably different casting numbers. The ones I know are 3858403 for 10.5" clutch assembly and 3899621 for 11" clutch, so make sure you specify to your supplier your clutch size!!!!
I purchased mine from Corvette Kingdom (Ray) on 01692 536750(UK), he also supplied me with the fork,pivot ball, boot, and bearing (if using standard setup) or you may have to opt for centre release bearings available from real steel in uk.

T5 gearboxes and spares are also available from GLEBE transmissions (Richard Cresswell) on 01782 594101.

Hope this helps