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25-03-01, 07:47 PM
This may seem a bit silly, but on a ford 302, is number 1 cylinder at the front of the left hand bank (my left if I'm facing the engine from the front). It seems that that bank is slightly further forward so I guess thats where it is.

29-03-01, 12:23 PM
Simon - my understanding is this - as you face the engine from the front of the car, No 1 is the cylinder closest to you on the LHS. Numbering then runs 1234 to the back of the engine, then 5678 from front to back on the other side. Would recommend you buy "how to rebuild your ford small block" by - oh bu***r I forget - try a search on amazon books.

29-03-01, 12:40 PM
Thanks Wilf,

I've got the Haynes manual on rebuilding the engine and NOT ONCE does it say in the whole damn thing where no 1 cylinder is. Although it does tell you several times to "ensure no1 piston is at TDC" !
Thanks again


29-03-01, 09:31 PM
Let me have your email address and I will send you a picture of your engine with the firing order. This was an article in one of the US mags about firing orders I found years ago. It's easy to understand. Any body else want a copy let me know. Lists AMC, Fords, Chevy,Chrysler,Pontiac BB & Sb etc.

31-03-01, 01:02 PM
Hello simon,

The book refered to is....How to rebuild small block ford engines..by tom monroe.
Excellent book and a must have for any ford engine owners,if you need any help you may call me on 01384 877778
Best of luck..steve

29-04-01, 08:57 PM
Hi Simon

Iv'e got the book if you want I can fax you the relitive pages or it should be marked on your inlet manifold.


26-06-01, 10:33 PM
While we are on the subject of 302s what do you guy's think is a good oil to run em on?

Cheers COL.