View Full Version : Jaguar Rear Hub Carriers

01-07-01, 12:53 PM
This may seem a stupid question but I am changing ALL the bearings in my Rear Hub Carriers. The only problem is that the Haynes manual is about as easy to understand as Brain Surgery!
Has anyone done this?
Has anyone got some reasonable instructions for doing them?


01-07-01, 11:43 PM
Ward engineering do service exchange may cost a bit more but takes the pain away!


02-07-01, 12:45 AM
same again... ward engineering... as good as it gets.
i've bought in the region of 30 complete axle assemblies
from them without any problems thats got to be good going.
they have a website www.ward-engineering.co.uk or call them
on 01375 846986.

02-07-01, 10:37 AM
Another endorsement for Wards

They're the best for price and service bar none and VAT free. Speak to Ed, who will go way out of his way to help - He's sent me blow ups of diagrams, telephone help etc. Give him a call...


02-07-01, 03:43 PM
Wards again - the in depth tech'l knowledge of the jag back end was an area I plain didn't want to get into for my build. Only prob with wards is their propensity to go awol for a month or two at a time- any else ever had this happen?