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08-07-01, 06:43 PM
Can anyone tell me the firing order on a 302 please, also I notice it has two sets of points does anyone know the gap settings??. Sorry if these are silly questions but I these American motors are new to me.While I'm rambling can anyone recomend somewhere to purchase parts like points,dizzy cap etc for these engines,preferably in the northwest or failing that mail order.
Thanks a lot Col.

AK in Wigan.

08-07-01, 07:30 PM
1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 for all except 1982 and later 5.0 HO engines. The HO would be 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. Gap should be .034"

08-07-01, 08:41 PM
Ak..hate to give you contradictory info....but the dual points should be 16-19thou...its your plugs that need to be 35 thou...Also,bear in mind,if you are new to the 302,that the dual points are "phased" and reach full opening at slightly different times...watch the points follower on the dist.cam,to watch for FULL opening....DJ

08-07-01, 09:16 PM
Your right, I missed the dual points part. Sorry!

08-07-01, 10:33 PM
Thanks for the info guys.


09-07-01, 06:23 PM
Col - my understanding (imvvho) is that dual point distributors were fitted to V8's to improve the points dwell time, which is marginal on a distributor cam with 8 lumps on it. Had a Mallory dual point distributor on my old Rover V8, always set it up with a dwell meter rather than by gap. Don't know what the settings should be for a 302, maybe someone like Real Steel or Repower would help you there, or you could use this forum or (sorry Rob), Clubcobra.com in the US.
You need to know the dwell figure for both sets of points together, and singly - I used to use a piece of card between alternate sets of points to set each one up individually, then check that the combined figure is within limits. Sounds complicated, and it's a pain to do, but worth it to get the most out of the distributor and ignition sysem.
Only alternative would be to go to a magnetic pick up MSD or similar distributor and electronic ignition - expensive, but set and forget.
Mail order for bits - try Real Steel.
My 2c's


10-07-01, 12:12 AM
Thanks Wilf, I think I have a dwell meter festering away in the garage somewhere I shall dig it out and try to obtain the correct setting from real steel. Unless someone out there knows it ??????.

Cheers Wilf.

10-07-01, 09:05 PM
I've done some digging at the Mallory site.....and according to their info.,points in a Mallory D.P.,mechanical advance series 23-27/YL/YT..(covers most)..points should be 22thou!...18thou for single points...(So I'll be in the garage tommorow am!!)...Dwell should be 26 deg individual and 33deg total..+/- 2 deg...anyone wanting a complete set of technical drawings for the Mallory distributors/fuel pumps feel free to mail me...cobraman@breathemail.net or visit the website at www.cobraman.tv a I'll be putting it on the Tech advice section...(you'll need Acrobat reader)...DJ

10-07-01, 11:46 PM
Thanks DJ I'll give it a try.
Cheers COL.