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23-01-11, 06:46 PM
Just the two of us. First meet of 2011.
The weather just has to be better than last year on club meet days this year.

23-01-11, 07:07 PM
A huge apology for not mentioning Andy, who we met at the meet today. Welcome on board Andy, pleased to meet you. I'm sure your build will go smoothly.
Point out your handle on here and I'll try to remember your face.:cool:

Purple AK
23-01-11, 07:12 PM
Just the two of us. First meet of 2011.
The weather just has to be better than last year on club meet days this year. BuŁŁer!!! Was it the 4th sunday already today!!! :o :???: Hospital visiting duty for me I'm afraid! (And no hardtop :rolleyes:) :mrgreen:

23-01-11, 08:19 PM
I'm with Chris - it's the hardtops scaring the rest of us off:p

23-01-11, 09:25 PM
Hi Robin

I aim to use the car all year round.

Think...... I,m half a century old, had the car 8 years with no top and no heater. probably lose my driving licence by 70 (if the Gov gets it's way). that's 20yrs left. been driving 33yrs (and it's flown by) I need to get more use out of the old bucket. Who cares about keeping it all shiny and nice in a warm garage. Need to get out there and enjoy it. British weather is 5hit, so doing something about it.

So heater in and fitted just before xmas, and a top nearly finished.

Look carefully. My top had no glass in it at all.......................Still well 'ard.

Absolutely bloody frozen though.

Lets see ya all next month :) :) :)

23-01-11, 09:47 PM
Hard tops??

You bunch of fairys! lol

24-01-11, 07:12 AM
Hard tops??

You bunch of fairys! lol

I've pretended to be an 'ard nut' for a long time now.
Sell the car or have a top that enables me to use the car.
Totally fed up with the british weather.

Did want the top for taking the old pops out, but I don't think he'll be well enough any more.

If I wanted a car with a roof I would have bought one, is not my excuse anymore. I only got 500 miles out of the car for last year. where I was getting over 5000 miles up until 2009. This is not enough to keep a car in the garage.

24-01-11, 08:37 PM
Sorry I missed it, didnt get back from Egypt till late Saturday

But. will definitly try to make all the rest of the year.


28-01-11, 09:22 PM
oooops was hoping to trot along and catch up with you guys but had it in mind it was this Sunday!
Dave - 500 miles, tut tut - must do better ;)
When are we going to see you on one of the SKCC runs? soon i trust......
Oh for anyone reading this that isnt a member of SKCC ( southernkitcars.com)...we're arranging an open morning at Powerspeed the exhaust / cage fabrication guys on the 13th March. Bit of a run out first and then refreshments at PSpeed with a bit of a chat about exhaust dynamics/theories. Details on the SKCC forum under Group Events - would be a welcome sight to see a few Cobs on the run and at the meet....we have to limit places to 40 so 'booking in' on the forum is a must.

Hope that may appeal to a few of you - if not hope to catch you sometime soon!
Tiger Mark