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23-07-01, 08:14 PM
My chassis is presently bracketed to accept a Rover V8. I now have a Chevy engine that I am going to fit. Does anyone have a bare chassis that is bracketed to accept a Chevy 350 engine? I want to know the exact location of where to weld the mounts to the chassis, I also need to know the details of the mounts themselves so that I can get them fabricated locally. This will save me a 300 mile round trip to Harlow only to part with 250 for the privilage of Dax modifying my chassis for me. I also need the dimensions of the scollop that needs to be taken out of the chassis rail to allow the fit of the starter motor.
Can anyone help?


E-mail cob427@cwcom.net

22-08-01, 01:31 PM
Where are you based? I have a chasis with the engine in that you could come and see, i'm in the manchester area.