View Full Version : Aluminium Cleaner?

15-08-01, 11:35 PM

Can anyone recommend a fairly powerful aluminium cleaner? I'm trying to remove the deposits of carbon/oil on the inside of my rover rocker covers amongst other things, ideally I'd like something I could just soke it in the give it a scrub to finish off.


Jim T.

16-08-01, 06:11 PM

I had to vapour blast the inside of my rocker cover.I have a plating shop so I know how to do this sort of stuff. Most strong cleaners available for domestic use are caustic based and notgood on ally.Light blasting is the easiest way.Look in yellow pages or ring me if you're anywhere near Bedfordshire
0146-2732158.i'll be at Duxford on sunday. Light blue cobra with chromed wheels.Look on Tarty thread for pic. of my engine

Steve G.

22-08-01, 06:44 PM
Jim, try paint stripper, non-caustic. B&Q sell it in litre cans. That will clean off the insides of your covers and any other part of the engine. You can wash off with water and a Gunk type cleaner. It only irritates tender parts of the skin so is quite user friendly. Do wear goggles though in case you flick a drop in your face. Wash any skin contact with water. The outsides of the covers can be brought up to scratch with bead/vapour blasting but that is not too cheap. Under any paint you'll probably fin the castings are not wonderful. Finish with smooth Hammerite on an aluminium primer or get them powder coated. Thought about exchnging for refurbished ones? The suppliers do like the exchnged ones to be clean though. Hope this helps, Trigger.