View Full Version : reconditioning Rover valves

21-08-01, 11:44 PM

I'm recon'ing my Rover 3.5 and want to get the valve guides checked and then resleeved as necessary. I've been quoted 15 a valve for the job making a price of 240 for all valves. This is with Norwich Engine Centre, RPI don't do any machine work which surprised me. For reference, they quoted me 40 for chemically dipping block/heads/rocker covers and 40 for checking and honing all cylinders (they look in damn good condition).

Any comments on these prices? Bit steep? Good value?



25-08-01, 09:19 PM
For about 250 I recall, I got a pair of SD1 heads fitted with Real Steels 'big' valves & shortened valve guides + three angle valve seats to my spec. I personally would go direct to Real Steel as this kind of work is their bread & butter - you can be certain that it'll be done properly. Also fitting the larger valves will enable you to open up the valve throat a bit as this area is quite restrictive on the Rover V8. Get yourself a copy of Peter Burgess's book on head porting ! . Real Steel are in Cowley & on 01895 440505