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22-04-01, 01:10 AM
would like to understand the way I need to connect up the brakes.
Master Cyl from Marina, but it also has this secondary item which you can see in the picture. The pipes that I disconnected are re-drawn onto the pic.

I dont know whether the larger connectors are for the back or the front. Ie.. Where do A B and C go to on the drawing....

I think this secondary item is as a regulator or something but not sure. The thing in the middle of the small bit is an electrical connector for a light or something similar, I think may be for a pressure test. I do have this other bit, just not in the pic.

I wonder if someone can shed some light on which way to connect it...

I had to make the pic smaller to fit on the site so it looks a bit crap but I spent ages cleaning it and it actually is really nice and shiney now and quite presentable for the car...


22-04-01, 10:15 AM
I presume your building an AK as they use the Marina pedal box,all you need is the master cylinder,you dont need the pressure differential bit,your jaguar brake set up will be fine just running from master cylinder,for confirmation ring ken at AK sportscars,He`s a superb chap and always happy to help

22-04-01, 10:03 PM
Mal is quite right your set up will be fine like that.

23-04-01, 04:47 PM
thanks guys,
its not an AK its an AD, but I liked the Marina Pedal box cause it fits great....

23-04-01, 11:08 PM
Has your Marina resovoir got the low fluid level indicator wiring in the cap for the SVA + cockpit test switch. I am trying to figure out how to do this on an MGB master cyl.(SRV8)? Anyone any ideas.

26-08-01, 05:03 PM
Actually I found out the other day from the Inspectorate that the wired cap +switch is not a requirement as long as your reservoir is the see through type with min and max markings visable.