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26-08-01, 11:24 PM
Does anyone know the Girling master cylinder i need for fitment to the pedal box, and should this be a .625" or the 0.75" i am fitting a Tremec 5 spd gearbox with uprated clutch. Also i will need a remote brake/clutch reservoir and have been put off the Jag one. Believe Dax are now using a different type with a take off connector added to the side. Any suggestions please guys.. Cheers Peter

28-08-01, 09:54 PM
Not too sure about the brake/clutch reservoir as my Dax is 13 yrs old now, but the clutch master will depend on the slave cylinder used. I think most people will probably fit the 0.75", although I've just changed mine for a 0.875" master (as fitted to the 3.0L Scimitar) to gain a little more clearance. A bit of careful measuring and a little maths should give you a good idea.

FWIW, I'm using a Toyota Supra 3.0i box with a Rover SD1 slave cylinder and a Dellow bellhousing/cluch conversion kit mated to a Chevy 350.


Paul :-)

30-08-01, 11:28 AM
Pete - not sure of the exact details for clutch master/slave (ooeer missus) bores on a Dax - have you asked the factory? Could save a lot of wasted time. Can recommend Merlin Motorsports as a source for master cylinders - they do them in a variety of bores, with integral or remote reservoirs, and they can supply pushrods/clevis pins etc as well. 01249 782101. Several other useful bits in their catalogue as well.
If it helps, have 3/4" bore master and slave on my Crendon, which also uses a Tremec/uprated clutch etc. Clutch just heavy enough to keep the wife out of the car, but OK for me. Get enough movement, but am using Repower's latest slave cylinder mounting arrangement, don't know what you have.