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01-09-01, 09:31 AM
OK guys

Do any of you experts out there have any idea what thread size the bottom ball joint of a Jaguar front suspension is. It's the one that holds the bottom ball joint up into the taper in the lower wishbone. I removed the one off my donor car by grinding the old nut off, and managed to not damage the thread.

I then ordered the nut I thought would fit i.e. 9/16 unf. But it won't go on, or at least it's really tightens up and I dearn't force it. So is it 9/16 unf or is it some other suedo thread that I've never heard of?
Or is it just the slight thread damage from the rust caused by the old one and I need to really lean on it!

Any ideas?

01-09-01, 11:28 AM
Hi, try emailing Ed. at Ward Engineering. He's very helpful and knows everything about Jaguar axles. ed@ward-engineering.co.uk