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30-08-01, 09:28 PM
Can anyone give me some advice on electrical connectors?

The loom on my car has connectors that allow the headlamp assempblies to be easily removed along with the wiring. My car is almost 9 years old (or to be precise the loom was fitted 9 years ago – the car actually first hit the road in 1994) and the connections have never been especially robust. Now they are starting to play up with poor earth or live connections that cause the headlamps to either glow dimly or go out altogether on ann intermittent basis. I would therefore like to replace them.

Can anyone recommend a brand and source of reliable decoupleable connectors that I could replace the present ones with?


Nigel B

31-08-01, 06:12 PM
Nigel - rarely see anything other than standard "bullet" connectors in that area. If they have been OK for 7 years, and are only just playing up now, why not replace like with like? Would recommend you solder the bullets on rather than crimp, or both.
You could get a copy of Vehicle Wiring Products catalogue (0115 9305454) - thye do all sorts, including weatherproof multipin connectors which might be better at resisting the damp which is probably your problem.



01-09-01, 07:13 AM
Wilf, thanks - just found them on the web


Excellent and just what I need - ask those who were grovelling on the floor with me in the rain and the dark recently trying to get my fricking headlamps to come and stay on consistently!


Nigel B

03-09-01, 08:58 AM
you could try farnell electronics or RS



tends to be generally much better quality/price/reliability/choice than 'specialist' automotive electrical bits.
I'd definitely second wilf on the soldering bit, don't bother with crimp connectors unless you can afford the tool to do the job properly for that type of connector - even then _good_ soldering will be more reliable.


Paul Gayter
15-09-01, 10:15 AM

AMP SuperSeal are the connector of choice. They have silicon seals, high current pins and are used by a number of the multi-national automotive companies. They are available in 1 to 6 Pin varieties and can be ordered from RS using nothing more than a credit card. Despite all the pro's they are cheaper than the tinned contact open frame junk that is normally on sale.

Do Not solder connections as it provides a neat stress point for the wire to break at, should it be subjected to vibration.

Do use the correct pins for the wire guage.

Do use multi-strand cable (min 19 strand) this copes with vibration much better.

Do use an appropriate crimp tool. There are cheap versions about.

Do use the silicon seals for the wire.

Remember if you insert a pin incorrectly you will need a pin extraction tool.

Hope this helps


Paul Gayter