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15-09-01, 04:36 PM

I am currently running a Sumo with a 2 litre pinto engine and over the winter I intend to replace this engine with a Rover V8 engine I have managed to acquire. To ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible I am looking for advice/help/information from anyone out there on the following items:-

(a) I understand that the Rover hydraulic clutch is modified into a cable clutch. Has anyone got available the details of the modification required?
(b) Will the sensors for the Water Temp & Oil temp ETB gauges fit direct from the Pinto into the Rover or will adapters be required?
(c) I intend to use under body exhausts as opposed to side pipes, can anyone give advice on the best set up and where is the best place to source these systems?
(d) I have read a lot about the cooling system for the Rover V8 in the Sumo, Sierra diesel radiator with twin fans, but what about the expansion tank does anyone know where I can source a stainless steel expansion tank that will do the job?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


16-09-01, 10:15 PM
Do you know which chassis you have, ie, mk1, mk2? The early chassis cannot take much more than 130 BHP, hence the reason for fitting a smaller engine. The Rover engine produces approx'155 BHP standard. My advice is to speak to Tony Holme at Pilgrim cars and ask his advice. You will find him very accomodating and helpfull and will give you any advice you need. He will even give you a copy of the drawings required to modify the clutch mechanism. Good luck with your mods.;)

17-09-01, 08:56 PM
Hi, do you have cortina base or Granada?

I once converted Granada V6 to Rover V8 but I completeley changed to Marina pedal box assembly to give me clutch master cylinder wasn't to bad a job and made my own engine and gearbox mounts, escort Tubo rad, Sierra I am told was a later poss. better setup. Manual oil pressure take off with pipe to guage.
If it is Cortina check with Tony on powr limitation I have heard of cortina to V8 setup and the live rear axle was strengthened to a five link assembley to keep it in the right position (laterally aswell)


23-09-01, 04:12 PM

For your info. I have a MK3 Sumo with Sierra running gear including the diff.


24-09-01, 12:46 PM

I have a MK111 Sumo with a Rover V8. The cable clutch conversion works well, Its a simple job, you have to drill the cluth fork were the original hydraulic shaft fitted, to the size of the outer cable (the white lump of plastic on the gearbox end of the cable) You then drill a hole in the back of the bellhousing to the size of the nipple on the inner cable.

Pass the cable through the clutch fork, then the inner cable through the hole in the housing, make a strong u bracket to secure the nipple from pulling back through the hole.

Any brackets you make to secure the cable along its route back to the pedal box must be left so the cable can move freely within the bracket, otherwise the clutch will be very stiff, because the cable works the opposite way as to its design ie the inner cable is fixed and the outer cable is working the clutch.

Hope this makes sense, any problems e-mail me direct