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17-08-01, 02:21 PM
Has anybody got any experience with the Dampertech A.V.O gas shocks as advertised in Snake Torque. I am considering a pair over the spax for my DAX. Have spoken to them but although very helpful they are not totally sure of the spec and have asked for measurements etc from me. Appreciate any feedback especially if you’re running them on a Tojeiro.
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17-08-01, 09:19 PM
Hi there question why change from the spax ??
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18-08-01, 01:01 PM
Thanks for replying. The spax I have at present are about 5 yrs old although I’ve done very little mileage on them. Setting goes from soft to very stiff in about 3 turns of the adjuster and not progressively at that. Also at low setting I cant feel any clicks on the adjuster so its difficult to gauge. I believe the later spax have a revised valve sizing which may have improved things. Obviously you are pleased with yours, are they recent? Maybe I’m wrong but I assumed gas shocks were slightly more responsive especially under return conditions as they are pressurised. The price for the Dampertech units is only 5 per shock over the Dax spax units. Whets your opinion. Also do you know if the front shocks on the Dax are the same as on the rear.
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24-09-01, 03:04 PM

I purchased a set of six Dampertech shocks from donnington show for my new AK build, AK are fitting them as standard. Only time will tell