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keith w
14-09-01, 03:49 PM
Hi everyone,
Just a small question about sva regarding heating and demisting.
I dont realy want a heater system thats plumbed into the engine so I thought about an electric one. Someone suggested a type of windscreen demisted aswell, but what I wanted to know was wether the window demister had to be a hot air blower or wether it dosnt matter.


14-09-01, 04:11 PM

There is no requirement for heating in the SVA. There is a requirement for demisting, and to play safe, I would err on the side of caution and use a hot air system.

For the purpose of the test, why no get a 12 volt hairdryer, wire it to a switch and some venting.

That would suffice and ensure you are not caught out by the dreaded inspectorate.

Best Regards

Forum Admin

14-09-01, 07:21 PM
The demister must provide warm air. It can be electric but must be properly fixed eg Not taped. That all presumes you have a windscreen of course.
I can send you the exact detaail from the manual if you require.

14-09-01, 09:00 PM
when my car was tested in April, all he did was feel for the airflow over the screen, no demisting test at all.

Kevin Tams

15-09-01, 05:20 PM
Keith - looked this up in my SVA manual to be doubly sure. As long as you have a windscreen (and you don't have to), it must have wipers and demisting. Demisting can only be either by warm air, or by an electrically heated windscreen. Havent seen to many of the latter on Cobra's, so warm air it is then.
In that case, the book says you must have fan assistance and ducting to direct the air to the screen. The only test is "is it effective enough to give a sufficient clear area of screen for the driver to see through?", usually at SVA tests the tester breathes on the screen to fog it and sees how well this clears. No reason why you can't have a 12V hair dryer type set up, long as it works.



15-09-01, 07:08 PM
>electrically heated windscreen.

Now there is an idea, I could get rid of those horrid shiny bits!

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16-09-01, 10:22 PM
Robert and Wilf agreeing with each other??
NO WAY!!!!!!}> }> }> }> }> }>

17-09-01, 09:00 PM
I used a Spitfire two speed (modified) and ducted through to mini vents to screen , works great and very cheap.


keith w
25-09-01, 04:29 PM
Cheers for the advice everyone.
This weekend I found something that might be of use Its a lighter socket heater and demister. It blows out hot air and by the picture It looks like Its only about the size of a video case. It was 14.99 or if you brought 2 it was 28 by the time you add p+p It worked out at 31ish for 2. If anyones interested I can forward the details.
I'll keep you all posted on wether they are any good or not.

keith w
25-09-01, 04:36 PM
cheers everyone for the advice.

This weekend I found some thing that might be of use.
Its a lighter socket heater and demister. Approxamatly the size of a video case.
It was 14.99 for 1 or 28 for 2. I brought 2 and by the time you add p+p It worked out at about 31ish. If any one wants details give me a shout.
I'll keep you all posted on wether they are any good or not.

25-09-01, 09:34 PM
>Robert and Wilf agreeing with each other??
>NO WAY!!!!!!}> }> }> }> }> }>

David - I am glad you brought this to my attention, it is seriously worrying, I try my best to be at odds with Rob on most subjects, the only thing I can say is that he must be feeling unwell after all his late nights buggering up this forum!


25-09-01, 11:15 PM
I do not want a heater at all.... Neither do I want to have the chrome slot bits on the dash...

my car is going through the SVA...
No Windscreen (Mine is not SVA anyway)..
No heater... (I will only use the car in fair weather)..
No Winschreen washer.. (Then I can put proper sprayers afterwards)..
No Wipers...

I do have to make sure that the centre and side mirrors are SVA compliant though. That bit is too far away for now to worry...


Then, after the SVA, put it all on, but no heater or slots on the dash...

26-09-01, 10:35 AM
>Then, after the SVA, put it all on, but no heater or slots on the

Post SVA with non SVA changes are dodgy.

Best Regards

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Kevin W
26-09-01, 12:08 PM
Would be interested to hear more about this heater.
Can you post a pic or more details?


26-09-01, 02:33 PM
Kevin - I believe you can get details of this heater from Rimmer Brothers, who are Triumph Spitfire specialist, also "Spitbits". Sorry, have no contact details, but if you were to pop into your local WH SMUG's, sure you could find them in any CLassic Cars type mag. From memory, I recall that their catalogue had an exploded diagram of the heater. I did get a replacement impeller for mine, so they do have bits. It's a fairly small, neat way to get a heater in a Cobra for under 15.



Oh - sorry, just realised you were probably talking about the Super duper VHS cassette heater. Never mind, put it down to my age!!

Kevin W
26-09-01, 06:55 PM
Yeah I was,
but 15? is that the new price or 2nd hand?


27-09-01, 01:57 PM
Out of a scrapper, but I don't think you pay a huge amount more for a s/h one off the shelf at Spitbits or the like