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21-03-11, 12:41 PM
The EU is opening a consultation document on the issues faced with transfering cars previously registered in one EU state to another.
If they get this right this could be a significant move forward for us and open the door to our predominantly UK focused kit car market as we benefit from the adoption of the IVA.

My case isn't covered here as Switzerland is not part of the EU but I know there have been many conversations here in registering or transfering our cars to France, Spain etc.

If this has impacted you then the following link may prove of interest


On the down side, could this possibly be a treat to our IVA route?


03-04-11, 08:21 AM
I am facing a situation that would be resolved by europe wide recognition of registered vehicles. We are hoping to move to France next year but the prospect of trying to transfer the registration on my Cobra is not a pleasant one. My brother registered an American SUV when he went over a few years ago and it took months of hassle an huge expense. My Cobra is properly registered but did not require an SVA as I registered it before they came in. I am not sure what paperwork I would require to try to get the car registered in France but I am sure it costly and extremely time consuming. If anyone has first hand knowledge of what is required I would be grateful to hear from them. The alternative of driving it around on UK plates is equally stressful. I completed the questionnaire as to my mind it's a damned good idea. However there would need to be some control because I know of at least one two door convertible Daimler hearse out there!

11-04-11, 09:50 AM
If your V5c lists date of registration of more than 30 years ago, you can apply for “Vehicule de Collection” status. I registered my Dax here in Dordogne and the process was really quite simple.
If this of interest I can pm you details of how to do it.
Regards, Iain