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28-03-11, 01:44 PM
Guys I have been looking through past threads on Brake pads and would be grateful a bit of advice.

Many years ago I had a total brake failure on a car I once owned and ever since then often think about that event when heading into a corner or junction a bit quick. The net result is that I am not, generally, very heavy on the brakes in fact I have never had to have a set of Brake pads replaced on any car I've ever owned before the disks have corroded and worn down to the limit.

The brakes on my GD aren't very good at all. AB told me I'm "not using the brakes hard enough and the pads have probably glazed over" when I visited GD to have the Suspension fettled last year. AB did a couple of high speed stops after which they seemed much better for a while. I took the car out yesterday for a run and I really think I need to do something about it. Yes, I've heard all the comments I should drive it harder but once you have experienced and survived a life threating situation things look a tad different.

The brakes just don't have any real bite to them. If I brake hard yes I slow up but the fronts don't lock until I am only doing a few miles an hour. On the SVA test the Brake test results were really good on the rollers and both sides pretty much equally balanced. Once the tester ran it around the test site however, he told me that the brakes need some serious bedding in. So far I've done about 2,300 miles so if they were to be any good I would have thought they would be by now. I changed Pads and Discs on my old Jag last year and they were fine from the day they were fitted.

So the question is should I try replacing the Pagid Fast road pads for the EBC green stuff, buy OEM pads (Scorpio) which I'm really tempted to do, or what other sensible suggestions has anyone got?.



28-03-11, 02:19 PM
Sounds a bit wrong to me? I suspect it the pads though and they are probably quite a hard compound designed for heavy braking, hence the fast road title.

I used EBC green stuff on my Dax and my Range Rover and think they are great. They are as good as the standard Range Rover pads in all conditions and when braking heavily they do seem to pull up in a more controlled manner until the ABS cuts in and releases the brakes again!
The EBC pads also don't leave black dust all over your nice wheels.

I would definitely suggest you change them and try either the standard pads or go for the Green stuff ones.


28-03-11, 02:49 PM
You're not the first person to question the braking on the GD Euro. You do have to press them pretty hard but in theory if they can stop a Scorpio, they should be more than adequate at stopping a GD. AB did mention to me an intermediate upgrade package but never came back with a price... and I'm guessing it's mucho moulah!

Be interested to hear if the EBC pads make the difference you were hoping for. I'm wondering whether a servo might be a worthwhile upgrade

28-03-11, 03:33 PM
No servo fitted?


28-03-11, 03:37 PM
No servo fitted?


No, just man brakes

28-03-11, 05:00 PM
Do you really need fast road pads for a much heavier car which will glaze over when you use them gently. Wouldn't you be better off with standard pads that will still give a significant additional braking margin as our cars are much lighter than a Scorpio? I use EBC Blackstuff (grippier than greenstuff) though I'm only running Granada hubs

28-03-11, 06:05 PM
Can someone enlighten me what pads my Euro would have come supplied with as I've never had to change them?

28-03-11, 07:43 PM
personally i would only use a good quality standard pad for road use such as mintex.

29-03-11, 09:29 AM
personally i would only use a good quality standard pad for road use such as mintex.

Are you saying EBC pads aren't worth the money or that they aren't very good quality?

Happy Jim
29-03-11, 09:43 AM
I'm running an AP setup now and have Pagid pads in them, they're pretty wooden until I get them a little warm, the biggest struggle I have is swapping from the wifes Toyota into the GD, the difference between massivly over-servoed and proper man-brakes takes a few miles to get used to. One of the chaps at work has an Audi R8 Convertible (the V10 one) and let me have a play the other day.......cracking car but again hugely over servoed, a gentle tickle and it stands on it's nose. The next awkward thing is swapping from my Merc - that thing has variable servo assistance depending on how aggresively you come off the accelerator and onto the brake (in fact if it thinks you are doing an emergency stop it actually takes over and applies max pressure whether you want it or not). All told I'm starting to mentally lean towards a Servo being the most obvious upgrade just to maintain a "similar" feel between cars.
Of course, once I go for a drive all that goes for a ball of chalk as I just enjoy the rawness of it all :-)


29-03-11, 10:13 AM
I know one GD owner who used green stuff pads had problems with them rusting on the discs over one winter of disuse. I presume it was something to do with the metallic composition of the pad...

29-03-11, 01:08 PM
Thanks for all the replies they are very much appreciated.

I think I'll go with Standard pads, maybe the green stuff, as clearly I'm just not getting the heat into them the way I drive. I had originally budgeted for the AP brake upgrade but Andy advised against it for the sort of driving I intended to do.. Pretty fair of him really as he could have taken me for another Łk or so.

Robin, I suspect your Pads may be the same as mine as, like yours, they came with the rolling chassis.

Also Robin, are you suggesting that as GDs have "Man Brakes" those that have Servos are somewhat Gay???
I suppose fitting a Servo on brakes is much the same as Power assistance on Steering so perhaps Servos are a bit Gay. Do Crendons have Servos??


Thanks again


29-03-11, 01:51 PM
And there was I all ready to help you..............again.

No chance now! :cool:

29-03-11, 02:05 PM
Denis, I found the std ford pads on the euro were fine, with decent bite from cold.....but died pretty quick on trackdays.

Fitted pagid and ETB pads therafter, which needed a good amount of heat in them to work well...but didnt fade.

fitted the AP setup after that....streets ahead in braking terms, much more initial bite.

I'd guess with your gentle approach, you arent getting the best from the etb pads, and stock ones would be better.

I would say also that the lack of servo always makes the car feel very different from the day car, and that it takes me a few miles to get back to the unservoed set up....otherwise the brakes feel like they lack initial bite

29-03-11, 06:02 PM
I run standard discs and pads which are fine on the road but not so good on track days if you are pushing on for any length of time. If and when they get replaced I'll go with EBC green or even red.
We have green stuff on wifey's Mini Cooper awesome bite from cold and no dust either.

29-03-11, 06:39 PM
Are you saying EBC pads aren't worth the money or that they aren't very good quality?

im not questioning their quality or value for money but for purely road use i cant see any benefit in them.

29-03-11, 06:45 PM
I was speaking to a chap at Zeus engineering about EBC red stuff pads the other day for my Landy. His view was, which I'd agree with having got them on the cobra, that unless you really work the brakes hard they are not a good option as they take too long to warm up and are not really effective enough when they are cold. After many years, his view is to stick to good quality original parts.

29-03-11, 07:23 PM
Also Robin, are you suggesting that as GDs have "Man Brakes" those that have Servos are somewhat Gay???

"Man" as in "manual". How sexist (and then homophobic) of you to think otherwise! You lot are such bitches, you're as bad as women (or poofs)