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24-10-01, 12:31 PM
Pilgrim recomend that the front inner wings on a Sumo are not fitted untill after the SVA test. This gives the tester better access to see how the car is buit and the builder easier access to put things right should the need arise.My problem is that I will have to drive my car to the test station which is about 20 miles away if its hissing with rain as it nearly always is nowdays all me luvley shiney engine will get smegged up.Has anyone out there put their Sumo through the test with the inner wing fitted and did it cause any problems.

24-10-01, 04:46 PM
Bob - never had my old Sumo SVA'd so can't comment about tester access, but I did fit the inner wings to the Crendon before SVA and they had no problems/comment about them. Would have thought you would want to do this as part of the build anyway, as once it's on the road it's gonna be more of an ar*e ache to do as you will want to be driving it!!.

From memory of my old Sumo I can't think what would be obscured by the inner wings that the tester would want to get to, after all they do have lifts to make looking at the underside easier? And you are right, they do keep the engine compartment clean when it rains. Have you asked pilgrim for more detail on their comment?


24-10-01, 05:11 PM

Did your Sumo possibly have a Ford in it???

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24-10-01, 05:14 PM
Rob - no, it had a Rover, since back in those days, the granada based Sumo wasn't really up to the torque of a 302/351 Ford. Went OK tho - got 135mph out of it (once).


24-10-01, 06:54 PM
I'm not sure but it can be quite difficult to make the inner wings fit a sumo without the tyres catching them on full lock, the S.V.A. guys might just pull their faces if this happens otherwise there shouldn't be a problem ,I got one through a couple of years ago with the inner wings fitted ;-)

24-10-01, 08:31 PM
Hi Bob

I had my Rover engined Sumo tested 12 months ago with the inner wings fitted,
the 3 1/2 hour test went smoothly and the car passed first time.

The o/s inner wing fits perfectly, but the nearside needs recessing to stop the tyre touching on full lock.

Mike T

Kevin W
25-10-01, 12:34 PM
I've been worrying about this as well- if you need to re-prime the oil pump, I reckon it'll be a total bast*rd once the inner winger are in. My solution has been to fold up some stainless to replace the lower half of the inner wings which fix behing the suspension strut. They'll be removable as well once I finish installing them. I got the initial idea from Whick Kit mag, Feb. 1994 I think - this guy (think his name was David Halliwell) cut access panels in the fiberglass of his inner wings for just this reason. I can send you a photocopy of the article if you're interested. Alternatively you could make ali ones - see Pilgrim Sumo brochure, and Keith of Auto Specialiti 's Jag and Ford V6 Sumo's which are featured there.


25-10-01, 10:13 PM
Mike T

Hi Yes I had this problem on my 1st SUMO (Granada based 1992) and I cut and modified the inner wing and re glassed to get around the problem. It was however admitted to me by Pilgrim that it was the chassis mounting (lower wishbone)on their earlier cars was at the wrong angle and made the wheel plan out and further to the rear thus causing rubbing on that side only. The proper way would be to rear mount/weld the wishbone at the correct angle/position, no thanks.