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27-10-01, 07:00 PM
Anyone out there who's had their cobra registered as a new car could you help me. I had intended to build my car using the donors reg documents but would like to go for a newer reg number. I know that you have to provide all the bills, and are allowed 1 iten reconditioned, but how far do they check? do they just leaf through a pile of bills or is it a thorough checking?.Thanks

28-10-01, 09:01 AM
I havn't built my Cobra that way but a friend of mine is building an Ultima from new. Apparently they expect to see a whole cars worth of receipts and the total is added up. You then have to pay new car sales tax which is a % of the total. No wonder this is an unpopular route!x(


28-10-01, 09:11 AM
Rig Man ,the new car sales tax was abollished some time ago, i've just done a Dax no tax no probs.;-)

28-10-01, 12:36 PM
I registered mine new in 1995 (M reg) at the same time as a colleague from the club. There was a lot of hype at the time as it was when heavy discussions were being brought to bear regarding donors and registering Cobras as Jaguars and then changing the details bit by bit. So the legal solutions were a Q plate or new registration. There was a lot of information flying about then regarding the experience owners were having with the different DVLC centres. At the time, the ease at which you could obtain new registration was dependent on views and thoroughness of the person looking at the details and this did appear to differ considerably. I registered at Leeds which was deemed to be average for checking details. The comments I got back were ‘a very thorough set of invoices’ and herein lies the secret I believe. Make sure you get a receipt for absolutely everything. If you are reconditioning an engine, if it is significantly new it can be accepted as so according to Leeds DVLC. Second hand parts-get the receipt written as a description of the part not reconditioned…… . Finally present receipts in a well laid out folder so it does not look as if you are hiding anything, also if it makes their task easier you are more likely to sail through. Finally find out when the person who deals with the applications wedding anniversary is and present your information the day after. He’s more likely to be in a good mood after the annual sex ritual and less likely to be a stickler on the checking. By the way, borrowing receipts can be useful, but I didn’t say this.
Hope you get your new registartion O.K. & let us know how you get on.

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28-10-01, 03:36 PM
>Rig Man ,the new car sales tax was abollished some time ago, i've just
>done a Dax no tax no probs.;-)

Phew! He's gonna be pleased about that!
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