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19-11-01, 07:49 PM
Hi guys as you have already guessed i,m new here,you've probably heard it all before but guess what i,m going to build a Cobra.At present i'm at the stage of looking at kits and trying to decide which one's best for me,but todays question relates to rear axle assemblies.
Today i found a circa 1999 Jaguar rear axle complete can't tell you what model it came out of because it's new and unused,i can tell you that it has outbourd vented discs and a diff assembly that would look more at home in a scania,basically can anyone tell me if any,or all of it is of any use perhaps the hubs,brakes and driveshafts for instance or am i better off just looking for an earlier model,if it helps i will try and get some reference numbers off it,did'nt have much time today.
Thanks in advance

19-11-01, 09:48 PM
The axles used by i think all Cobra manufacturers in the UK is to be found on series 2 or 3 XJ6 or 12 these are the Jags that ceased production in around 1984/5 (non rectangular tail lights)these axles are also fitted to the XJS.
I hope this is of some use to you .

19-11-01, 10:10 PM
Check hubs for cracks. You seldom find used hubs in good condition because a common reason to replace them is cracks. I would also recommend you to buy new disks. Itís good bang for the buck if you consider personal security to price ratio and compare that with a lot of other bits and pieces needed...

I can help you identify items if you have a part number or similar. My father has an old Jaguar garage and all the original Jaguar manuals and service books you could ask for. He is a quite valuable source him self after more than 40 years in the Jaguar business :7

Good luck / Bowtie