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Two greens
12-11-01, 05:43 PM
Whilst visiting the car show in Birmingham last weekend I thought I would treat myself to a pair of the nice "AC" logo cast alloy pedals from Europa spares.

The castings though have to finished on the rear to make them attach to the brake and clutch levers. Does anyone have any suggestions how best to attach them? Mine is a Marina pedal box fitted into a Pilgrim Sumo.

Two Greens

13-11-01, 08:09 AM
Hi If the castings are the type with two rubber grommets and a semicircular cast lump on the back,I have the same.What I did was "machine" a flat on the side of the rear projection that will butt onto the pedal arm.(the old pedals on mine were bolted to the arms,whicjh when removed left an 8mm hole in the right place to locate the new cast pedals).I then drilled thru the casting an bolted them to the arms with M8 bolts and nylock nuts.One bolt per pedal has not been a problem as the end of the arm pushes tightly into the back of the casting.

Two greens
20-11-01, 02:11 PM
Thanks for the reply. Sadly the pedals on my Sumo are different to yours. I have resorted to machining off the lump, drilling through the face of the casting and the pedal and bolting in place. Not an elegant solution but practical given the difficulties I encountered in trying to remove my pedals/pedal box.