View Full Version : Rear Diff and front brakes........Ford styleeeeee

22-11-01, 04:42 PM

We are building a Granada based sumo because we want rear disks so we have gone for the granada based kit. We have sitting in our garage a brand new XR4x4 LSD and would like to know if we can simply swop the granny diff for our LSD.

Also, on our old Formula 27 we have Austin Princess 4 pot calipers on the front with capri v6 disks. Are the granny front uprights going to accept our princess calipers and capri disks without mods?

Thanks people


22-11-01, 05:41 PM
I think you will need the drive shafts from a XR4x4 as well, I think the drive shafts from a LSD are a slightly different length to the standard Granada ones. I don't know for sure but I seem to remember that they are different.

Can't help about the Austin callipers, but if you are after 4 pots on the front then you could use Sierra Cosworth callipers and hub etc.