View Full Version : 302 engine build up...any advice?

26-11-01, 08:06 AM
OK, my 302 block is coming back from the engineering company today, it's been rebored 30thou, the crank's been reground, new cam bearings, new core plugs, everything's been balanced, I have new pistons, rings, mains, big ends, oil pump, timing chain, camshaft etc. I'm going to put it all together myself with the help of a "rebuilding small block fords" book, but I REALLY don't want to bugger this up, so any advice or tips would be VERY welcome.
Thanks all.


27-11-01, 07:23 PM
These US engines are very simple to put together. Having put my Chevy together with no real hitches my advice is to read the book, don't rush anything you have not thoroughly read through or mentally rehearsed. Watch the engineering hygiene. Clean through the oil galleries (pipe cleaners cannot compete with a rife cleaning kit!) Get your consumables ready i.e. the RTV silicone, sealants etc., so you do not have to pause at an awkward point in the job. I had my engine on a stand and it was bagged in a bin liner secured with a bungee when I was not actually working on it. The price of the engine stand is peanuts next to a bodged job. Don't rush and the biggest horlicks you can make are probably putting the rings on upside down and turning a scraper into a pumper or scoring the crank when tapping down the piston and rods - get some rod bolt protection. After that it is read the book, don't rush, keep clean etc., oh, and finally, don't rush!;)

28-11-01, 01:17 AM
excellent advice, thanks