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05-12-01, 04:37 PM
Has anybody had experience with exhaust wrap. Having fitted new Tremec and starter motor the latter now comes uncomfortably close to the manifold i.e. approx. 10 mm. I have shielded the solenoid with heat reflecting blanket but wonder whether it is worth wrapping a portion of the manifold in addition. Apparently charcoal colour wrap is available or alternatively you can spray the bandage colour wrap with special aluminium colour spray but I donít know how this looks at the end of the day. I would appreciate your views on effectiveness and looks before I take the plunge. I have spent some time in engine compartment detailing so I would prefer it not to look naff.
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05-12-01, 09:13 PM
God -I've got to stop replying to every damm question - I feel like the CRC forum agony uncle!!

Oh well - here goes - you can get black wrap, but it is more expensive, far as I can work out, than the normal stuff with the black HT spray, which I used. It looks fine once you have mastered the art of really putting it on neat and tight. It does reduce heat radiated from the headers, but not to nothing. It can induce higher than normal corrosion of the headers, especially if you don't seal it with the special spray (which I believe stops moisture getting into it.)

Lots of race cars use it because of its alleged properties to increase power, but I have no back to back tests to prove it either way. It is just plain necessary due to it's being yet another engine bay dress up item you can talk bull**it about at shows.

Even tho' I put it on tight with all the proper clips, it keeps falling off my collectors - guess I need a little more practice there!

It is on the headers of the GD race car, so it MUST be alright eh Robert??


05-12-01, 09:21 PM
Dear Uncle Wilf.
I think youre a terrific uncle. Thanks for the advice. When you say it does not stop the heat altogether, does it reduce it dramatically. I want to reduce the heat influence near the starter motor.

P.S. Hows the party organisation going on, have you invited all those cobra mad luchious females yet?
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05-12-01, 09:51 PM
Listen mate, if I ever find any cobra-mad totty I am keeping it for myself!!

I do think you get a reasonable reduction in radiated heat from the headers with wrap. Even so, at standstill in the Summer (ah) my footwells get good and hot. Best example I can think of is this - My starter, although a bit further from the headers than yours, has the solenid signal wire within 1" of the headers, and it is not in the slightest affected by heat (yet). And I have given the poor old thing immense stick around race tracks and the like. But you do get a huge amount of heat from a big engine - so you can never really overdo protecting heat-sensitive items.

When I put my car back together after paint (yes the matt black and scratched to bu**ery ( not buttery) gel coat is to be covered up), I am going to put more heat insulation in some areas, like around the footwells, and a shield or blanket over the starter.

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05-12-01, 10:39 PM
Hi there my headers are approx 6mm from my solenoid and they are wrapped and I have had no problem with it. If you do go for it I suggest you get some stainless steel jubilee clips to lock in each end otherwise you may have to take up knitting to keep them on

06-12-01, 03:19 PM
>It is on the headers of the GD race car, so it MUST be alright eh

Uncle Wilf

The wrap is quite good, and yes GD do use it on the Racer, but I am going to try the Ceramacoat stuff to see what that is like.

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06-12-01, 03:35 PM
When fitting exhaust wrap onto my manifolds I kept it in place temporarily using platic ties, intending to use SS clips or whatever, when I'd finished tidying up.

I forgot about them and 1000s miles later they're still there, unmelted. They'll probably stay.

It must say something about the insulation coefficient of the wrap - the ties are nothing special.


06-12-01, 06:31 PM
Just one point to remember the black spray paint does not make it totally waterproof if you get it too wet it ends up looking like a pair of saggy knickers. Decided to use a pressure washer once on an engine bay with heat wrap on the exhaust manifold ended up replacing it
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06-12-01, 07:58 PM
Really, thats brilliant, I know what to ask the girlfriend to get me for Christmas now. I'll tell her its something special that will always keep reminding me of her!!!!
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06-12-01, 08:31 PM
Now I think that is a good idea! Order far more Exhaust wrap than you need for the engine bay, the excess you can use to tie up your girlfriend. This will then allow you to escape to the garage for as long as you like!


06-12-01, 08:34 PM
Each to his own I'm more of a 'G' string man myself you might try using the stainless steel ties on your girlfriend never know she might enjoy it?


06-12-01, 09:25 PM
Yeah I used heat wrap, hell of a reduction in head, not sprayed yet though, and I can hold my manifolds in my hands when engine hot and not get burnt, I do feel maybe that the heat transfers more to the exposed external sidepipe bends and they are skin scorching I can tell you in fact downright dangerous I feel, Sheilds help on the side pipes but the collector bends are glowing so be extremely careful, tell people and watch the kiddies, its very easy to accidently touchit with your shins. Some people cam coat whitish the collectors.