View Full Version : Rochester Quadrajet

10-12-01, 09:46 AM
Does anyone know what all the vacumn take offs on the Quadrajet are for ?

There is a large one from the base plate with a threaded connector, and many small , <5mm dia. ones.

Many thanks

NuttyNorm :7

10-12-01, 10:52 PM
Norm - not familiar with this carb, but I should think the large one is for brake servo (should be "untimed"), the smaller ones will be a mixture of timed or untimed. No huge deal - just cap 'em off with rubber thingys and swap if you need to. Are you using a vac advance distributor anyway?? Hopefully there will be a middle sized one (untimed) for the PCV.


11-12-01, 07:28 AM
Hi wilf,

The Advance etc.. is already piped luckily!, I'm using HEI to keep things easy.

I'll bung em all up and see what happens......should be starting it in a couple of weeks......BBrrrrrrmmmmm (hopefully!) }>

Many thanks