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09-12-01, 08:24 PM
I donīt know what happened to my post from two days ago but somehow it disappeared....so here is my second try.

Can anybody help out with the dash-wiring. I am currently in the process of fitting the wiring-loom from DAX to my car and after having finished the front and rear harness (which went in pretty easy), I have difficulties with the connection of my aftermarket switches (ignition + starter button, wipers, light, indicator and hazard). The only instructions I have is the list of color-codes of the wires which came with the loom but unfortunatly I have no wiring diagram. To avoid any expensive mistakes I was wondering if anyone has a copy of a wiring diagram and can send it by e-mail or can help out with some valuable information.

any help is appreciated
thanks Joker

09-12-01, 08:36 PM
Yes send me your email address or phone me on 01763 272814

10-12-01, 10:52 AM
Paul, sorry to jump in but i am at the same stage as the Joker with my Dax so any diagrams would help, E-Mail address MchlKy2@aol.com Thanks.

10-12-01, 07:16 PM
You dont need a drawing I was in the same boat 2 yrs ago and was dreading the wiring and I'm an electician but not an auto one this didnt help me one bit . all i did was to mark with labels what the wires where going from the colour chart and then connect as the instructions say it was very straight forward from there .it looks a lot worse than it is .

regards Steve

11-12-01, 10:18 AM
As I've posted elsewhere I've just redone my dash.The man who wired it originally was probably a Pasta chef and also never left any decent scrolls to be handed down.So after much Buzzing out cutting wires and taking out bits of unused Rover and Escort loom.I now have reasonably tidy wiring behind the dash.My advice<and I,m not an electrician is,check what is there.Remove anything not required.Record all wires in a diagram you understand and try to keep everything as simple as possible.The only fault I have is that the hazards and indicators will not flash without the engine running(they didnt before tho),any thoughts from proper sparks?
Regards Steve G.

11-12-01, 10:39 AM
Hi Steve, that was exactly what I though when opening my dash the first time, lots of pasta everywhere, not at all organized and routed. After I have found some wires partly cracked, it was clear to my mind what the task would be for the cold-winter evenings.
To make it 100% from the beginning, I bought the Chevy-loom, already pre-wired, organized and cut from DAX.
Now, after having finished 2/3 of the job, all I can say is, THIS LOOM IS AWESOME !! It fits perfectly, high quality and temperature resistant wires and connectors. The only missing thing was a more precise wiring-diagram (additionally to the color-code instructions).
I have contacted Martin who is the responsible electrician for this loom and he offered great help on my problems (btw, he is working on a general wiring-diagram which most probably will be added to the loom soon).

Reg. your indicator/hazard problem:
itīs just a question where the power comes from.
For the indicator-switch, use a fused ignition + (activated only when ignition is on), for the hazard-switch, take the fused positive from the battery.
If they are just working when the engine is running, you may have connected your positive at the main-lead of the alternator instead of getting the power from the main-lead at the starter-solenoid.

hope this helps, cheers Joker

11-12-01, 11:24 AM
check the positive to the hazard flasher relay aswell (assuming you have a seperate one for the hazards). I guess hazard lights aren't a whole lot of use if they only work when the engines running - may as well just disconnect them altogether!! Hurray for the SVA!! ;-)


12-12-01, 08:05 AM
Joker Thanks I think you are right.I piggybacked the power to the hazard switch from the light switch which as you guessed is powered from the alternator.Oh well dash out again and more spagetti.
Regards Steve G.x( x(

12-12-01, 08:10 AM
Stuart as my girlfriend thinks I am the hazard I will get them wofking as per my reply to Joker.Thanks again for the chain.By the way I spoke to Holly and he said his stage 3 heads and a road/race cam would work in my 3.5 and transfer to a 4.6 or bigger later.Way to go(as our over the pond friends would say)
Regards Steve G.:7 :7