View Full Version : Clutch Choice for Tremec Fitters

15-12-01, 04:49 PM
Just thyought I'd pass on this advise to those thinking of or going through the process of fitting a Tremec. If you can get away with it, fit a 10.5 inch clutch rather than an 11" clutch unless you are using a hydraulic release bearing. The reason is the standard 3/4" bore master cylinder does not give you enough movement at the slave cylinder (approx 40mm required). The answer is a 7/8 " master cyl that Girling do not make, but A.P.do. Only thing is it is nearly 100 more expensive- ouch. Anybody want to buy f-- useless 3/4 " bore Girling mutter mutter fuss.
mike:'( :'( :'( :'(

15-12-01, 06:07 PM
So thats what the difference is I was wondering what it was .

Regards Steve T

15-12-01, 09:52 PM
If anyone wants the Mcleod part numbers for the clutch I am using let me know.


17-12-01, 07:33 PM
Glad to hear that there is atleast one good reason for having a McLeod Hydraulic THROB!