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18-12-01, 04:42 AM
I should be in a position to install my engine/box in my chassis quite soon. I will hopefully have access to a hoist with a balance bar adjusting type thingy (sorry, don't know what it's called) but where would be the best position on the engine to attach the chains to?
Should I make up a bracket to bolt between the heads?
Any advice/pics/bits I could borrow, gratefully received.


18-12-01, 09:43 AM
see my post on installing my rover engine into my AK - should be fairly similar - sorry!!

18-12-01, 09:49 AM

Best bet is to buy a lifting eye. you remove the carb, and bolt the plate to the manifold and then lift the block.

It makes things so much easier than loads of ropes.

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18-12-01, 11:16 AM
I have factory holes drilled on the ends of my heads, and using these with the balancer bar & short chains makes the engine very stable & easy to angle & install single handed

18-12-01, 07:31 PM
Hi there Simon I have a lifting beam with short chains and plates to bolt to the cylinder heads I made it to suit my Chevy but if you want to borrow it and modify it to suit your engine your welcome
give me a call
Paul :-)

19-12-01, 02:18 PM
Simon - have always used "fabric" lifting straps around either end of the engine, adjusted to give the right angle of dangle. Sometimes if you go this route you need to space them off the block/heads to give clearance for distributors and the like.

Some of the "balance bars" I have seen look a bit lightweight to me, especially the chains dangling from them. Beware.

If you are installing with 'box attached, then removing the shifter also helps.